Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pomona RV Show - Day 2

These people scored big time in the good RV site lottery. They're permanent residents. If you look carefully behind the swing, you will notice their hot tub. They do have a nice green oasis in the park. There is also covered parking out of the frame.

Covered parking.

This individual only has a 6 gallon hot water tank. He grew tired of running out of hot water while showering. So he added a tankless hot water heater. He did this 4 years ago on his own. We're now seeing the technology making its way into RVs.

On to the RV show. Can you see the mountains in the background of the photo? The air quality here is is just abysmal.

After a bit we were faint with hunger, major bonking. So, under the influence of low blood sugar, we had a hot dog. They're not that good. German hot dogs are way better, and so are the ones at the Pike Place Market. I would not squander my bad food allowance on these dogs again.

Winnebago has started making towable RVs. They are really well done. This is the living area of a 30 foot travel trailer. Isn't that lovely? Their designers are very good. They make a 5th wheel with two bunks (you don't see that very often) so the kids have somewhere comfortable to sleep.

It's been a neurotransmitter depleting two days. What to do, what to do. We spent a long time looking at the Landmark San Antonio, which is a 41 foot fifth wheel. Yes, a 41 foot towable. Tuesday night both of us were struggling with the concept of threading that much RV through older, smaller parks, much like the one we're in. While Jim has become a genius RV backer upper, it's still tedious to dodge the over hanging trees, parked cars and etc. What to do, what to do. On our way over to the show, there was a salesman starting up one of the used class As that they had in the KOA park. Used RVs are not allowed on the show grounds because they compete with the new RVs. They also make it clear how much depreciation occurs the minute you drive one off the lot. So, banish the used RVs!
Anyway, I digress.
We stuck our heads in and asked if we could look. He was firing it up to take his girlfriend for a demo ride, and if she didn't buy it, he'd call us. We met her later, he actually did take her for a test drive. She didn't buy it because it would not fit in her back yard, and she didn't want to store it.
Here is the interior. The slides are in, which is why the corridor is so narrow. It's a quad slide, so the living room and the bedroom expand when the slides go out. It's a mid-ship bathroom

Here is the exterior. We were not that fond of the color scheme at first, but it grows on us.

We did a test drive. It's so weird being up that high off the road. Jim will have to readjust his eye as to what proper position in the lane looks like. But he is confident he'll master it. That's a good thing, because we bought it.
We have a Class A!


  1. YAHOO!!!!! I can't wait to see your new home. I am so excited for you!

  2. Its a beauty! Congratulations!