Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pomona RV Show - Day 1

Oy! We spent the day on our feet touring the RV show. It's exhausting, all of those entry way stairs; up down up down. Kidding just kidding. There is solid nutrition to be found at an RV show, so that the customers can keep their strength up for the search for the perfect home. Pink's is a world famous (although Jim had never heard of them) LA hot dog institution. We didn't eat there, we went home for better food. Bummer, I love hot dogs.

I referenced toy haulers yesterday, and wondered how many people could visualize one. Here is a toy hauler in all of its hauling glory. They're geared towards the weekenders who are taking toys out to the boonies. We toured a couple with an eye towards a gut remodel, but it would be expensive. Walls would have to be moved, plumbing changed and etcetera.

This is why one shops an RV show. I don't understand the economics of it, but allegedly the manufacturers will subsidize the cost of an RV so that they will sell for less at a show. When we bought the Montana we're in now, we had a deeply discounted price, plus they gave us a boatload of money for the trade-in. So, shows would seem to be a good place to buy.

We're closing in on models for 5th wheels. Inside storage is close to what we have now, and should not require Jim to jettison too much of his stuff. The issue is the storage underneath. Due to our pesky requirement that our road bikes travel inside and not on a rack, we need space in the basement. We're going to go back and measure some more and think.

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