Monday, October 17, 2011

Pomona KOA

Well, we're here. It was a veeeeeery tedious drive. The freeways in California are just abysmal. The noise level is just unbelievable from the rutted bumpy roads.
After leaving Coalinga, one must climb out of the Central Valley. It's steep coming out of the valley. One travels from sea level to 4,183 feet.

Then there is descending back to sea level. There's a 5 mile 5% grade to endure. It's a pain because the trucks are limited to 40 mph and they won't stay in the far right lane. So everybody ends up having to excessively brake.

After the descending, there is the 210 bypass. It takes one well north of metropolitan LA. I can not stress enough the importance of not entering 210 with a full bladder. There is no where to stop (if you are towing a large RV). We hit it fully dehydrated.

We're at the Pomona KOA. It's a terrible park. With the exception of the end slots, they're very narrow, close together, and covered in trees. Satellite reception is not possible with the trees and there's no cable. So far, over the air reception is good, hopefully it will not rain. We're somewhat concerned about leaving here Saturday, people tend to park in the streets which has the potential to make the turn out of our slot painful. The other thing about this park is the flies. We have never experienced so many flies. They're agile little buggers, we've got one in the RV and thus far have been unsuccessful in killing him. Additionally we're on the final approach course for a local airport, and very close to a rail line. Perfect!
This is one of the coveted end slots. I suspect someone has to die before one becomes available.

We'll be doing the RV show starting in the morning. We bought our admission wrist bands this afternoon, and we both got the senior rate. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I got one salesman to admit that the 5th wheel manufacturers are moving away from the full-timer demographic and more towards the week-enders. Apparently there are more week-enders than full-timers. It's kind of a bummer to think that our current coach represents the pinnacle of massive amounts storage. We're seeing a trend of larger living rooms and smaller bedrooms with really pitiful closets and fewer drawers. Depressing, very depressing. I suggested to Jim that we buy a toy hauler (half the RV is dedicated to hauling motorcycles and stuff) and have the entire interior gutted and redone by a cabinet maker. Could happen, yet.

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  1. why not customize your home to your liking? I think you have a fabulous idea. I've been through Bakersfield twice in my lifetime and was not impressed either time. Sorry about the flies too