Tuesday, October 25, 2011

San Diego - It's Always Something

Monday we drove out to Point Loma. It was sort of a dreary, overcast day so none of the photos are really inspiring. This is part of the Navy real estate, you can't see them, but there are submarines in the water down there.

After Point Loma we drove over to Coronado Island. These people have a sign ordinance in place that puts all others to shame. We saw a very attractive building with benches and fountains, and wondered what all this beautiousness was. It's a switching station. You know, those concrete bunkers full of phone stuff. Here, they made at&t spiff it up a bunch.

Walking on to the historic Hotel del Coronado. It's really beautiful.

Taken from the inner court yard.

The next two were taken from the high point of the deck at the hotel.

Upper left is an F-18 landing at NAS North Island. The noise was fairly impressive. Our neighbors told us that they had seen them doing formation landings that same day, so that must have REALLY been loud.

One of the many very lovely haciendas in the surrounding neighborhood.

A fuschia, planted in the ground, where it grows, year round. In the GPNW we beg these guys to survive our summers, potted and hanging in the best light available. Here, they grow outside.

Coming back from Coronado Island, we got the dreaded "service trailer brake system" warning message. This is the fault that tells you that there is a fatal error within the integrated trailer brake controller system. We got home, plugged in the 5th wheel, and discovered yepper, no lights, no brakes, no awareness on the part of the truck of the 5th wheel being plugged in. So annoying. I called the local Chevy dealer, and they took us this morning.
So, after taking the truck in at oh:dark:thirty, we went for a short walk. This is what we saw.

You know, all we needed was for the brake controller to live for two more days. TWO! Is that asking so much? But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Chevy can't reproduce the fault, it's an intermittent electrical thing. Based on what they know isn't the cause, they believe it's the master control module for the whole shebang. So, several hundred dollars later, we will get the truck back. There are huge hills between here and Indio, so there you go.

It's unfortunate that we didn't see more of this area. Today's plan had been to take the trolley in to Old Town and walk around and look at stuff. Instead, I think we'll do a long walk around the marina. We did do weights and stretching this morning, so we're not totally worthless. This is a great park, we may come back in May after Tucson becomes unbearably hot.

Later that same day.........
We saw this guy walking around the marina.

He reminds me of the golden squirrels in Zion. We got the truck back, the brake controller now knows when the 5th wheel is attached, so that is good. We're leaving in the morning for Indio. I really hope we don't have to stay there too long.

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