Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Redwood Trees

Today was redwood tree day. We drove down to the Avenue of the Giants to view the trees. On the way down 101 we saw these two people. Sorry about the picture quality, the camera wants to focus on the dead bugs on the windshield. They're homeless. We saw quite a few homeless people on upright bikes towing kid carriers with all of their stuff in them. There is a lot of poverty in this part of California. It's an economically depressed area. Actually, it's kind of grim, there are many people walking around with everything they own in a grocery cart or in a backpack.

There are many hiking trails in the area. We did a flat 2.5 miler. Redwoods are amazing. Big, tall. It's very quiet in there.

Then it was on to the Immortal Tree. Here are the details of the tree.

Here you can see the fish that marks the level of the flooding, and the axe which is where the loggers started to take the tree down.

After the tree viewing, we decided to go out towards Honeydew on a scenic drive through the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. You know those people who follow their GPS down a forest road and end up stuck out in the woods setting their cars on fire to signal for help? That's what this road felt like. We went up for a looooooooong time. We finally stopped and put Petrolia into the GPS, which was not quite half way on the scenic route, and it was another 25 miles. We abandoned. It was a very narrow road, with giant potholes. And it would have been a looooong drive on a really terrible road.

Tomorrow we're up at dawn an heading out for Petaluma. We're thinking we might get the bikes out and do a couple of rides before we forget how.

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