Saturday, October 29, 2011

Indio - Still

We're now in the Class A. We finished up moving around 2pm today. However, we're here until Wednesday. Why, you ask? Well, after having the RV for 6 days, the techs failed to notice the following things aren't working: leveling, the 110 outlet in the dash, the over the air TV antenna, and the right rear tail lights. I'm somewhat irked, it seems like one of the first things they should have done was to go around and stick a tester in each and every outlet. The service manager assured me that they had replaced the guts of the mechanism that raises the antenna, no word on whether they tested it or not. Anyhoo, the leveling failure is serious, Monday they will order the new board, and hopefully overnight delivery will have it here Tuesday. Wednesday we will drive to the border to take official delivery.
While we're waiting for it to be Wednesday, we are staying in a Thousand Trails RV park (the dealer is paying for it). TT is a membership park, you pay money to belong to the network. This is one of the worst places we have ever been. The thought of joining TT to stay in a dirt park with no cable, no wifi, no nothing is just amazing to me.
Sorry, no pictures yet, I'm too tired.

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