Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pomona RV Show - Day Final

Today we could see the mountains for the first time. The wind direction changed and cleared out the LA basin. It was hot without the smog filtering the sunlight.

Still no decision about financing. I've decided to quit thinking about it for awhile. It'll be what it is. Today has been difficult. We've lived in this RV for 3 years, and it's a lot like selling a home. I keep looking at stuff and thinking it will never be like this again, it'll be different. Hopefully it will be better.
There is no reason to stay on in this miserable, awful, wretched park anymore, so we're going to go down to San Diego for three days. After that, we'll head over to Indio to wait for the RV to be ready. Transferring 3 years worth of stuff out of the 5th wheel into a Class A is going to be painful.
So, perhaps fun will be had in San Diego.

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  1. Assuming successful bank dealings, your new Class A looks plush. Will you tow the pickup, or buy one of those Fix It Again Tonys you pictured in the blog?