Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Indio - Still no Departure in Sight

Palm trees in the park. They're lovely obstacles for people moving 40 foot vehicles around them.

We are still here in Indio. The punch list is down to: leveling, over the air TV antenna, and the right rear tail lights. One down, three to go. The board for the leveling computer did not ship Monday morning because they must build it first. It might ship Wednesday. So, scheduling the drive out to the desert to sign papers is now on a day-to-day slide.
The finance guy schedules the guy that drives us to Arizona. The parts guy who knows when the board will get here sits about 100 feet away from him. However, the finance guy wants us to keep him apprised of the board's status. Why can't he just ask the parts guy? This dealer does not have one single positive review on Yahoo, and I am beginning to see why.
So, I am sick with a sore throat and feeling bad. It's more than likely viral, so there is nowt to be done for it. We were going to go to Joshua Tree today, but I feel too bad. So, poor Jim is not only stuck in Indio, but now has a sick and cranky wife.

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  1. there are bugs going around! I am so sorry that one of them found you. take care, my fingers are crossed on your list of items...