Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pineville, NC

Greetings from Pineville, NC. After the recent brutal weather, the climate here was delightful today. Low eighties, low humidity and a pleasant zephyr to ruffle one's hair. I have to say, modern day travel is about as pleasant as being pulled through a hedge backwards. We arrived in Atlanta and decided to walk the mile or so to our next gate. Upon arriving at the gate we discovered it had been moved, pretty much back to where we started. So back we went, sucking up enough time that eating was no longer possible. Upon arrival here at 4:30, we'd had an apple and tiny yoghurt and a mini-muffin from breakfast, along with 3 bags of peanuts all day. The leg from Atlanta to Charlotte was on an ancient MD-88 (aka the Sky Snake). The plane is like one of those nightmares where you walk down the corridor and it keeps getting longer and you never reach the end. We were in row 37 of 38, right between the engines. Fortunately it was a short flight.

This person is with Atlanta Fire & Rescue. That would be fun, to cruise the airport on a mountain bike.

This is one of the rows of statues in Atlanta.

Close up of an art piece.

A statue of someone outside of the airport.

The view from the hotel window. As a long time Seattle resident, I always thought the GPNW was the greenest of the states, but I think it might actually be North Carolina. There are trees everywhere.

So, we're here until May 5. If I see anything interesting, I'll post it.

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