Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trip Report from the GPNW

Greetings Earthlings! We're back in Tucson, having returned from our medical tourism in the GPNW. It was very wet and very cold. While looking at my teeth my dentist went on a full blown rant about how they've only had 6 sunny days this year and he is sick of it and when is it going warm up and quit raining?!?
We drove out to look at the Carnation Valley and surrounding areas. Here is Snoqualmie Falls with quite a bit of water going over.

Click on the photo to better see the logs. The water has been really high, depositing lumber up on the river banks.

Water buffalo standing on a berm so they don't float away.

We continued on out toward Carnation, where the road was clearly signed as closed. Apparently the driver of this car did not comprehend the meaning of the words "road closed."

Water in the fields.

The Carnation wetlands are deep.

Sunday we ran errands. We went to Cash and Carry, one of our favorite restaurant supply stores. Did you know there was such a thing as hemp milk? I did not.

Egg shade? Why not just say yellow?

Lava cakes in carrot and lemon flavors. Who knew?

Here we are in the cab on the way home, we haven't departed the airport yet. Note that Jim has already removed the bottoms of his pants. It's hot!

It's good to be back. If I have to suffer from too cold or too hot, I think I'm picking hot.

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