Friday, April 22, 2011

Heat, Ear Doctor and Riding

It. is. so. hot. Jim and I have had an on going discussion of where should we live when we're too old and rickety to full time RV. I think we've had in the back of our minds that it would probably be Tucson. No matter where you live, there's a bad season, but we thought a hot summer would be better than cold winters. After the past few days we're wondering if we could acclimate to summer here. Actually, it's me, Jim does better with the heat than I do. So, still thinking about that.
This morning I saw Dr. Parry, the otolaryngologist. I am happy to report that the strenuous nose blowing done in February did not increase the size of my ear drum perforation. He thinks it might be a tiny bit smaller than it was in October, but does not think that it will ever actually close. He's currently training for a 48 mile run at the Grand Canyon. It's rim, to rim, to rim, to rim. I can not conceive of doing that ever.
We headed out to Fantasy Island for a shortish ride. This is Jim inspecting the bridge at the end of Fire Loop. It's been sounding different lately. There are some slightly loose boards, but the thing appears to be safe. This bridge is the make or die feature in the park.

We're starting the process of moving out of the staying in place configuration to the traveling configuration. Jim's outdoor TV was packed up today and put away. We had to move furniture to do that, which revealed much dust and sand - so that resulted in vacuuming.

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