Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photos from the Desert (2)

Today was just delightful. We rode at FI expecting much wind and heat and experienced neither. It was just an excellent day on the bikes. We've been out practicing with the new camera in advance of the trip to Germany. This is San Xavier del Bac, also known as the Dove of the Desert. The best time to photograph is just before sunset. 

My brother, Laurence, took this one. 

The two night blooming Cereus cacti are having another round of flowers. We are very excited about this. Are they not lovely? (Update to post: they're actually trichocereus. They do, however, bloom at night.)

Today we had a gig of memory added to the netbook. It's much better now. Windows 7 running on 1 gig of memory is just painful.

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