Friday, April 29, 2011

Farewell to Tucson

After what seems like weeks of getting the RV ready to travel, it's done. We have done our last load of laundry to include our MTB padding. These are my knee pads drying on the bike stand. They were starting to stink and the Captain informed me that he would not be sharing the cab of the truck with them if they were not washed. They do smell much better now.

We hitched successfully this morning and drove up to RV Central to put the house into storage. It's really odd, pulling in to a storage yard, handing over the keys to everything you own and driving away. This is the RV from the back heading up the freeway.

It was hot and windy today, really windy. Blowing dust and all of that. We're spending tonight at the Hampton Inn at the airport. They're generally a good price performer and they have free in room wi-fi. Tomorrow's flight from Charlotte departs at 7:10 in the morning. I hate getting up early! Charlotte will not be fun; we will do some more downsizing and find out if the pages of 15 years worth of photo albums have stuck themselves together.

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