Sunday, May 1, 2011

Consolidating Storage in SC

I am happy to report that the photo albums are fine. We are still going to take pictures of them just in case. In light of the tornadoes that have been through the area, disaster can still strike.
This is the Chevy Traverse we rented. It's a really nice car, the seats fold flat which is good for hauling stuff to Goodwill.

This is the storage unit we are consolidating out of. We actually got that done today. We ejected some more stuff, and moved what we're keeping into the big unit.

This is the kind of stuff that's in the albums. They start with us getting married in 1985 and move forward. There are big events and small. This is a Christmas in Bellevue. I left it big, you can click on it twice to enlarge. Image quality isn't spectacular, but many of the albums are photos from film, and I don't have the negatives.

Jim is tired. He moved many boxes and crates today. So he is resting with a photo album.

I put two pieces of furniture on Craig's list (free come get it) and got a call within 5 minutes. So that will save one trip to Goodwill. Yay!

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