Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photos From the Desert & the GPNW

Today was weird. The wretched weather in the GPNW pushed through as a fast moving front; giving us much blowing dust, and a precipitate temperature drop. Hopefully it'll rain and settle all of the dust.
This is a picture of Seattle I took out of the side window of our rental minivan coming back from the ferry dock. It's blurry, but I like the way it looks.

While we were gone, we missed all of the night blooming Cereus. They were budding when we left, and now they're done. This is from last year. I love these cacti, they are so gorgeous.

This is prickly pear.

This is also prickly pear. The fuschia blooms are amazing when the sun hits them, they almost fluoresce.

Sunset tonight with cloud cover.

Today was a low key day. We picked up Jim's sun glasses at Costco and sent them back. The shape of the lens made the edge too thick. So we're getting more square lenses to cut down on the edge thickness. There was also five loads of laundry to do.

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  1. for some reason the Seattle pic reminds me of sci-fi movies. Love those flowers!