Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Cactus and a New Costco

The problem with the night blooming Cereus is that (wait for it), it blooms at night. I went up at 6:30 yesterday evening and they were still closed, but they opened sometime later. Look at the display. Are these not magnificent?

I'm not sure what this is. It's really pretty. The color is just phenomenal.

Rejoice citizens of the south end! A new Costco has opened. No longer must we drive to the north end, we have our own store. It was packed today. We went in for ONE THING, and came out with two roller duffel bags, a year's worth of electric toothbrush heads, and books for the plane. We also got the one thing, which was granola.

We took the hard sided suitcases back to Macy's. They're a complete storage problem for us, and they were pricey for a single use item. The duffel bags will collapse fairly flat, and we may be able to get them stored in the front basement. We're going to have to weigh them before heading out to the airport, it will be very easy to exceed the 50 pound limit imposed by the airlines if we fill them up. On international flights, US Airways charges $150 per suitcase if one exceeds 50 pounds.
We have one more weekend here, we leave the 30th. On the 29th we'll put the RV into storage, on the 28th Jim will sign up for Medicare. It will be an action packed week for us. I can't believe another winter/spring in Tucson is over.

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