Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Brunch Out and Riding

This morning we took the road bikes out with the intent of having breakfast at the Rincon Market. However, they were closed for Easter. So we headed back to Geronimo Square in search of sustenance.

It's a lovely area with a shaded court yard surrounded by small buildings. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, when I was in college, the small buildings were lived in by students. Now, they're converted to retail.

We went to the Pasco Kitchen, which replaced Cafe Paraiso. It's a completely different sort of restaurant now; it's more upscale, lots of dark wood tables and chairs inside, and cute white tables with pastel chairs outside. They also fenced off the outdoor seating to keep out the people with Starbucks coffee. They do set a nice tablescape as you can see below. I had the buckwheat waffle, which I don't think was actually buckwheat. Jim had the frittata which was very good. That's a huge pile of whipped cream sitting behind my waffle. I was good, I did not eat that.

The "sail" on the frittata is hash browns. I like the little flowers.

Service was good, food was good. They don't refill your coffee cup, they bring you another full cup, which was novel. I miss the unstructured-ness of Cafe Paraiso and being able to rearrange the furniture to accommodate a crowd, but that was then, this is now. I'd give the Pasco Kitchen a solid B.

After food, there was riding. This is a buckhorn cholla we saw on the way out.

We did Anklam and rode around the Marriott. The weather heads were predicting high winds, so we decided to ride near the park in case we needed to seek shelter. We were back before it really wicked up, so it was just a delightful day with good weather and time spent with my sweetie.

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