Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rain in the Desert

Two days ago we were running both air conditioners in the RV. It was 45 degrees cooler today than it has been. It's a miracle the windows don't break from the temperature changes.
This is from somewhere in the north end of Tucson, I think those are the Catalina mountains you can't see.

Today we got luggage for going to Germany. It's been a grueling shopping experience, but we're done. We have some incidental stuff to buy, like Pepto and leave in hair conditioner, but other than that we're done spending money. Yay!!!
You know how airlines charge you more (way more) for tickets that you can cancel or change, than for non-changeable seats? Hotels in Germany do the same thing. You pay more if you want the ability to change your dates. It's really irritating. We've booked for our first 7 nights, after that we are just winging it.
Our general itinerary is Frankfurt, Fulda, Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Bertchesgaden, Bitburg, Aachen and then back to Frankfurt.

So, after today's rain and gloom, tomorrow is forecast to be cold and sunny. Sunny is good.

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