Monday, April 11, 2011

Riding and Medicare

Today it warmed up so we went out to Fantasy Island. This flag marks the southernmost confluence of trails. One comes in here from the south or from Rez, and either goes north or back to the southern parking lot.

I saw this in a tree at the Shark circle. We're not sure why it's there. Mountain bikers - what can you say?

So, I have closure on an item (note the use of the singular preposition). I finally got my bike shorts from Terry. First I ordered mediums and they were tight, I exchanged for larges and they were huge, so I re-exchanged for mediums, and these seem to be a better size. Terry has issues with consistency in their sizes and more annoyingly in their receiving department. It takes them 12 to 14 days to open a returned package. I realize they're a small company, but 2 weeks?
We continue to rassle with Medco. Drugs by mail is a beautiful thing, but getting it set up every year is such a pain. It seems like the wheel must be reinvented on an annual basis. We're not done yet.
Jim is starting the enrollment process for Social Security/Medicare/Supplemental Medicare programs. We thought we had more time, but apparently one must do it 90 days in advance of being 65. So this will be added to the mix of things that must be done by the end of the month before leaving for the continent. I think my head may explode. All of the enrollments are online, maybe it'll go smoothly, but I doubt it, it's the gubmint. One does wonder when one became so damn old.
I think maybe if it doesn't go smoothly, I'll document the bumps in the process so that those who follow behind us in years can be prepared.

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