Monday, April 18, 2011

Working in the Desert

Aye maties! The captain declared today to be a work day. And work we did. Here is Jim cleaning the roof. First roof cleaner is applied.

Then there is scrubbing with the brush.

Then there is rinsing.

After the roof cleaning, there is RV washing. Because the water is so hard here, after washing there must be drying (to avoid spotting). Here is the first mate drying the RV. Normally this would be blue work, but the first mate stepped up to help.

It's over now, we're clean and shiny.
This is a saguaro cactus in the park that is blooming.

Later in the evening, a beautiful sunset appeared.

Today was very warm and windy. My back is still unhappy about the MTB ejection but it's better. We're hoping tomorrow will be rideable from a back and a weather perspective.

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