Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ow and Hot

Ow. Jim and I rode FI this morning. The very last scary thing we ride is a wash full of deep sand that's about 25 feet across. It's at the bottom of a little hill, so you go into it a little fast. So, today I got into it, the front wheel flipped sideways and I endoed. It wasn't that painful, it is deep sand after all, but I wrenched my back pretty good. Hopefully this will clear up before getting on the plane. This is Jim successfully riding the wash a few months ago.

The park is hosting the Tri-State Elks convention. There are many of them here. They've put a picnic table on a small trailer and and are towing it and Elks around the park

Temperatures in the Old Pueblo are ratcheting up pretty good. It hit 90 today. We're running both air conditioners. It's still better than snow.

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