Monday, June 8, 2015

Historic Albuquerque

This morning we were up at oh:dark:thirty to get the RV into service early.  We were there at 7:45.  While waiting for the counter lady to key in all the information I had given them previously (when I ordered the pump) I asked if they would need to keep it all day.  Of course they would.  Then I launched into my piteous tale of woe that had befallen us these last two months.  After hearing that, she pulled the tech off the 5th wheel hitch install and put him on our pump.  We were done by 9:45.  Yay for whining!
So maybe we're done fixing things for awhile.  I'm afraid to even voice the thought.  After taking the RV down to the TA fuel plaza to top off the fuel tank, we reparked at the KOA and went into the historic downtown area.
This is the statue of Don Fransisco Cuervo Y Valdes, who founded Albuquerque in 1706.

They grow a lot of these pink flowers.

The San Felipe de Neri church.

San Felipe Neri.

There are some colorful buildings in the area.

The historic area is fairly small.  There are T-shirt shops, stores with Native American pottery and jewelry and stuff like that.   Living in an RV has completely changed our relationship to stuff.  We don't need anything, and don't have anywhere to put it.  We walked around awhile, had lunch, and then went to Napa auto parts to buy a gallon of oil, just in case we burn some.  We've seen some interesting parts of the city since we've been here.  I can't say that we would come back here voluntarily.
Tomorrow we are up and out, heading for Cortez.


  1. Ooooooh...biking at Phli's World in Cortez?

    1. That's the plan, unless it rains. The weather sites are talking flash floods. Sigh.....

  2. Finger crossed that you are maintance free for awhile!!! Safe travels!