Friday, June 12, 2015

Cortez to Moab

The route today was CO-491 to UT-191.  It’s a delightful route.  The 491 segment is hugely rural.  There is much agriculture and much dirt.




We turned right onto UT-191 at Monticello. There was supposed to be a truck plaza at the intersection, but it was closed.  We ended up at the Conoco, which was not a terrible fuel stop.  So, if you need diesel in that area, the Conoco is a good alternative.

We saw this.  A bicycle race going south bound on UT-191.  This is a major truck route in the area.  There’s very little shoulder, and what there is, has a rumble strip in it.  We were surprised to see this many riders on such a bicycle unfriendly road.

This poor person is off the back.  He’s grinding up a 6% grade into a head wind.  Update to post:  It was the Rockwell Relay.  It runs from Moab to St. George.


Eventually we got into red rock country, which was just as lovely as it always is.




We’re at the Portal RV Park in Moab.  We went to the grocery store this afternoon, and Jim over heard the checker talking about how it took 8 hours to transit Moab on Memorial Day.  Please make a note of this for your travel planning.  It’s crowded here, it always is.


  1. April is the best time to visit Moab. The crowds are way down and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities.

  2. That definitely looks like a crappy road to ride a bike on.
    We were in Moab over Memorial Day in 2009 and it was crowded but not that bad. I just think more and more people are going to these places.