Friday, June 5, 2015

Venture In RV Park and Show Low in General

While in Show Low, we stayed at the Venture In RV Resort.  It's an age-qualified RV park very close to town.  This is what you see on the drive in to the park.  The interior roads are paved and wide.

We're the green bus.  We are parked on site 196.  The bus is on concrete, and we have a concrete patio.  Sites 196, 197, and 198 are the paved sites and would be worth asking for.

This is the down side to these sites.  They've put a curb at the back of the site.  If you're in a 5th wheel, or a gas bus it doesn't matter, but it did curtail how far back we could go.

These are the other sites in the park.  RVs and toads park on the volcanic crushed rock, and there is a concrete pad in between.

The entire park is sloped, if you're not on the big concrete pads, you'll need to level.

Staff is helpful and pleasant.  They do have an online reservation system, which I used.

Water pressure is ok, power is ok.  We had 2 bars of 4G LTE, and sometimes it was pretty slow.  This park has the BEST laundry room we've ever been in.  There are many machines and there are folding tables at a good height.  They also have the equipment that lets you pay using a credit card.  You can also have your machine text you when it's done.

Show Low has been compared to Bend, and called the "next Bend."  I don't think so.  The trees make it look like Bend and smell like Bend.  What's missing are the Cascade mountains and the Deschutes River.  Bend has a very different vibe than Show Low.  I don't think there are any craft breweries, either.  So it depends on what you're looking for.
Then there is the wind.  Other bloggers have commented that the wind in May was just disheartening, it was so strong.  It was strong our entire stay here.  There were many roads that would have good for road biking, but the gusting winds made it an unattractive prospect.

If we were to return to Show Low, we would stay here again.  There are some pretty gruesome looking RV parks in town, that are very dark due to all of their trees.


  1. You certainly got a nice site. I love being on all concrete. The laundry sounds so futuristic for an RV park. Who knew laundry could be so much fun!! Wind + biking = :(

  2. Sounds like the spring wind in New Mexico!

    Boy they sure have big dreams, comparing themselves to Bend!

  3. We spent one night in Show Low 2 years ago on the way to the Mogollon RIm and were not very impressed. Sounds like things have not changed much. A Bend twin in AZ would have been nice!