Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mountain Home, ID to Deschutes County RV Park in Redmond, OR

Today's route was supposed to end in Burns, but since we got there at noon, we decided to press on.  It was a good decision, had we stopped in Burns, tomorrow would have just been gruesomely far.  From Mountain Home, we took I84 to Ontario, OR.  There is a Pilot travel plaza at exit 376.  When you take the ramp off the freeway and come up to the light, you are presented with a no left turn sign.  So, when traveling north on I-84, do not plan to go to that Pilot, it's on the wrong side of the freeway for you.  Fear not, there is a Love's at exit 374, which is also your exit to 201 which takes you to OR-20.  Once on OR-20, Ontario to Juntura is a very unpleasant stretch of road in both directions.  Today we had the climb.  The road is very narrow and is very twisty.  Do not plan to make very good time on this stretch.
It's a rather desolate drive.

There is some agriculture.

Eventually there are some hills to look at.

We ended up in Redmond, at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo RV Park.   Bend is full to the gills, but there was space here.  It actually worked out really well.  We turned off OR-20 on to Hamby Road, then on to Deschutes Market Road.  That puts you on to OR-97 north of Bend.  Our original plan would have taken us right through Bend, this is way better.  We'll be able to go to Sisters in the morning without encountering Bend traffic.
The RV park is not terrible. Interior roads are paved.  The pads are concrete, with gravel strip separators.  Our neighbor's sewer is just outside our front door, which is not so appealing.  However, water pressure is good, power is good.  There are five bars of Verizon 4G LTE.  Each site has a picnic table.  No data on laundry or restrooms.  Satellite reception is excellent due to a total lack of trees.  The park is under the flight path for the lightly used airport.  There is a train in the area.

It was a 372 mile day.  We are fairly tired.  Tomorrow we are up and out for Harrisburg.

May 2016 Update:  When reserving, ask for a gravel only site away from the grass.  They irrigate here, and they fling a lot of water.  There is train traffic now , which we didn't remember from before.

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