Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lessons From the Maintenance Visit

We spent two days at Elite Repair with our laundry list of things to be fixed.  While we were there, Marty looked at the underside of the driver's side bedroom slide.  See that white groove?  That is a bad thing.

There are two rollers in there, over which the slide moves in and out.  The bottom of the slide box bows over time. When the slide box goes out of square, the rollers can gouge the underside.

Marty cut pieces of aluminum and screwed them into the underside.

So, keep an eye on the undersides of your slides if you have rollers.  Eventually the gouging will go all of the way through, and the slide will not move anymore.

We also learned that when you bring in your slides, you should have a window or the door open.  Slides displace a lot of air.  If your seals are good, air can be forced up through the roof of the RV and through the caulking, especially if the caulk is hot and pliable.  This is badness.

We did get a walk in while in Eugene.  Here we have a wild sweet pea.

This is one of the wet lands along the river walk.  If you look closely you can see two Great Herons flying away from the camera.

Tomorrow we are up and out for an 8 am appointment at Cummins to change the oil and transmission fluid. 


  1. Craig always leaves a winow open. He didn't a first, but read about it somewhere. Hope this post will also help others. We will look at the underside of our slide outs for wear.

  2. Didn't know either of those tips, will pass along to my hubby!