Thursday, June 25, 2015

River Life Resort

For years we have stayed at the River Life Resort when we come to see Elite for maintenance.  The sole reason to stay here is that it's two minutes to Elite's shop.  Each year it gets worse, and this may be our last time.  The facility is being converted to a religious retreat, and their interest in running a resort business seems to have faded.
Upon arriving there is a sign at the entrance with a phone number to call to check in.  We call, no answer.  We call the after hours people, they can't help, they know nothing.   We call the other after hours person, she reaches the person who actually is in the office.  I ask what site number.  She proceeds to tell me that we can't have a pull through for 6 days, those are prioritized for people who stay 4 days.  I ask if I can have a pull through for 4 days, then.  That's acceptable to her.  I asked would we be homeless after 4 days - she said that she was certain something would work out for us.  And so it has - we're going to a different RV park.  This is not a friendly or welcoming staff member.
The building on the left is new.  One used to drive the RV up to the second building, check in and then continue on around to the pull throughs.  That route is now impassable. There are only four pull throughs left, the rest have been excavated

One must unhook at the entrance, drive to the front of the pull throughs, then back up to the left, pull forward, and then back into the pull through.

This is still an active RV site in the pull through section.

Every night we've been on the site, the 50 amp breaker on the power pole pops.  It doesn't seem matter what kind of load we're putting on it.  It could be due to the water faucet that's leaking on the power pole.
Water continues to be terrible.  It tastes bad and there is air in the lines.  We have three bars of Verizon 4G LTE.  Power is unreliable on our site.  Interior roads are still paved, but reaching your site will require a three point turn to access it.  There are no picnic tables.  No data on laundry or restrooms this trip.  In the past they have been tolerable.  Sites will require leveling.

So, if you're going to Elite and decide to stay here, this is what you will be facing.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. dont think we will be going there!

  2. My wife Jackie and I stayed at the Resort for a month three years ago. It was beautiful and the staff were very friendly. I'm sorry to hear that it has changed for the worse. We have camped in Armitage Park outside of Colburg. It isn't that far from Harrisburg and has many pull-thru sites and good laundry facilities. Visit us at