Saturday, June 13, 2015

Canyon Lands and Dead Horse State Park

We went to Canyon Lands today, which was a much better idea than trying to go to Arches.  There was at least an hour’s line up to get through the pay station.  See the cars in the line up?


First up for us was the Grand Overlook.  It really is grand.


Over time, water has dug down through the sedimentary rock.


A close up of the digging.


Jim surveys all that he can see.  Actually this photo was supposed to demonstrate how close to the edge he had gotten, but I cut off his feet. 


The first pictures are from the left side of the trail (heading out), this is on the right side of the trail.  It’s just spectacular everywhere.


Then it was on to the Green River Overlook.


This is the Shafer Trail.  There were mountain bikers riding down it.  We could hear their brakes squealing, even from that distance.


The Shafer Trail heading out into the Shafer Canyon.  We’re vaguely discussing renting a jeep so that we could drive this and some other dirt roads.


Now we are at the Dead Horse State Park.  See the brilliant blue pools?  Those are part of the potash mining that is being done.  Here is an interesting article on the subject. The blue pools are dyed that color so they’ll absorb more sunlight.  They’re evaporation ponds for potash.


A goose neck bend in the Colorado River.


Thunder storms were trying to build up.


See all of the pink flowers?  Those are prickly pears in bloom.


It was a fun trip.  We were up and out early enough to avoid some people and heat. 


  1. Oh My Goodness...those are some beautiful photos! The canyons! The clouds! The flowers! It amazes me that someone would ride their bike down...I could not even imagine trying to ride out, much less push my bike out!

  2. Yes, rent a jeep and do the White Rim Trail… A hundred mile loop that, done clockwise, begins at the Shaffer trail. Hang a right at the bottom... just beyond the its switchbacks.