Monday, June 29, 2015

Harrisburg OR to Issaquah WA

Saturday we made the drive from Harrisburg OR to Issaquah WA.  It was a terrible drive.  Somewhere south of Olympia there had been a car accident.  The backup was 4 miles long, with frequent stoppage.  Here is Jim, not driving.

Here is the traffic.  When we reached the point where the GPS on the phone showed the freeway going from red to green, there was nothing!  It was all memory of the accident that hadn't cleared out.  Southbound had it even worse.  They had the memory of a gapers block that pretty much merged into Tacoma traffic.

On the left is the Dome of Tacoma.

Now we are in Issaquah until September.  This is a freeway overpass in Issaquah.  See the hole in it?  A big truck with some sort of a pole ran into it. 

The park is looking festive with potted plants on various surfaces.

Yesterday we washed most of the RV, put on tire covers, stuff like that.  It's hot!  It's humid!  Any riding or walking will be done early in the morning.
We're here for the duration of summer.  Posting may be light, because we've hiked it, biked it, walked it and blogged it in the past.


  1. Hope it cools off for you this summer. This is such a neat area. Enjoy!

  2. Glad you made it safely to your summer home, with no more mechanical issues!