Thursday, June 18, 2015

Portal RV Resort

While were in Moab we stayed at the Portal RV Resort.  Half of the property is regular campground and the other half is "resort" camping.  Most of the resort sites are owned by people, and the sites are rented out when the owners are not in residence.  The resort side has landscaping and access to the pool.  The regular half does not have much in the way of plantings, and people are restricted to a pond.  The pond actually looked like more fun than the pool.
This is the regular campsite area.  Interior roads are paved, sites are gravel.

Now we are in the resort area.  Interior roads are paved, sites are concrete.  All vehicles must be on the pavement at all times.  We were informed that there is a $150 fee for messing with the plantings.  Apparently they check for footsteps in the dirt to determine who damaged the plants.

This is our street.  It was an unfortunately aligned site - it faced due west into the setting sun.  In the afternoons the front of the bus was just uninhabitable.

This is the bad part about the resort side. Sorry about the picture, I shot through the windshield and there are dead bugs on it.  These are the casitas.  They are three stories tall.  There is RV parking between the casitas.  I'm not sure if our satellite antenna would shoot over the roof line of these monolithic structures.

Front view of the casitas, without dead bugs.

The resort site had picnic tables, I can't remember about the campground (campground has picnic tables as well).  Power was good, water pressure was good.  We generally had 4 bars of 4G LTE.  If you have satellite, ask for a site with no trees, some sites are not going to get reception.   The concrete pads are not level, there is slope for drainage, so we had to activate the HWH.  When the wind direction is right, there is a smell of horse stables.
No data on the restrooms.  Laundry was abysmal.  It's a tiny building with no air conditioning.  We took the clothes into downton Moab and used a place there.  It was better.
This place books out far in advance, so call early if you're thinking of going there.  We're going back in September, and staying in the campground section.
Sunset last night.

May 7, 2017 Update to post.
A new laundry, shower, restroom building has been constructed.  The laundry environment is now very lovely and air conditioned.  We were not forced to go into town to wash the clothes.
This time we stayed on the campground side in a back in.  I think I prefer that to the resort side, because the bus did not face west.  It was better having the sun on the windshield in the morning, rather than in the afternoon. 
One thing we noticed this year was an increase in ATVs in the park.  They annoy me greatly, so I was more annoyed this year.  They don't speed or do donuts or anything, I just don't like hearing them.

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  1. We booked the month of April 2016 when we were there this past April. This place has become very popular. This is one of our very favorite parks. We had the last site next to the last cassita beyond the pool. We weren't sure of we would like being next to the cassita or not but we loved it. We never had to pull down the shades on that side since there weren't any windows. We had shade all day except for a little time late in the day. It was also nice being beyond the pool with no neighbors in front or behind us. We couldn't get our rooftop satellite because of the building but we carry a portable dish which worked fine. Gorgeous sunset!! They do have great views.