Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Arches National Park

We went to Arches National Park today.  It's really something.  Because we were up early the light was still good when we got there.  This was taken on the way into the park - notice there are some clouds.  They were nice.

We walked out to Delicate Arch.  A miracle occurred and I was able to get a picture of it without people in the frame.  It was really crowded.

More clouds, more nice light.

I love the trail up the arch.  It's just out there.

Isn't this a great cairn?  Someone put a lot of time and effort into stacking these rocks.

We were here in May 2009.  We have zero memory of walking up this much slick rock.  It was weird knowing we had been there, but had no memory of big chunks of it.  It's a good thing I have a blog.

After Delicate Arch, we drove further into the park.  We stopped at Skyline Arch and walked up the trail to see the debris that fell out of the arch in 1940.  It doubled the size of the arch.

I love the park, and the the oddly shaped rocks.

We talked to the rangers about the Fiery Furnace hike.  The rangers stop doing the hike September 30, which is when their funding runs out and they all go home.  We came back to the RV to book online in September and were able to get a morning slot for September 15.  That was the only day left in September.  You can book afternoon tours in the visitor's center until the end of September.  They fill up quickly, so go to the visitor's center as soon as you reach Moab.
It hit 100 today.  The temperature on the dash behind the aluminum foil shades is also 100.  Sunday is forecast to be 106.  Aiieeeeee!!!  We'll be in Oregon by then.


  1. Thank goodness you'll be out of there before 106!!!! 100 is bad enough!

    I guess we'll be too late for Fiery Furnace in late Sept/early Oct...

    1. Rangers lead tours until September 30. As soon as you arrive in Moab, get over to the visitor's center and sign up for an afternoon tour. Those are not open for on line sign up, you have to go there.

  2. Thats way to hot for us. We were there a few weeks ago and the hottest it got was inthe 80's. At 100 I would get heat stroke for sure!

    1. We're pretty close to heat stroke. There is about a 3 foot thick layer of hot air against the ceiling in the living room. It's hot!

  3. We've only been to Moab in April which is the perfect temp. This past April was a little warmer than two years ago, it was still great all day. By May the temps are in the 90's. How great to capture the Delicate Arch without people! During our visit there was one man standing right under the arch talking on his cell phone!!! I walked over for a photo under the arch and the man's son had to yell at him to get out the way. Some people are just clueless!! Glad you booked the Fiery Furnace. It is so worth it. You will love it!!