Friday, June 19, 2015

Provo to the Mountain Home RV Resort

We left Provo at 8:30 this morning.  By 9-ish we were in Salt Lake City.  On ramps were still being metered, so we were still in the rush hour.  There is a lot of construction.  In many areas the lanes are extremely narrow.  It was not a fun drive.  Given the extent of the work they're doing, I expect to see it going on for at least a year, if not longer.  If you can give I15 a miss there, it would improve your driving experience.

Once out in the country, you see a lot of this. 

There is the occasional crop duster to be seen.

We're in a new RV park called the Mountain Home RV Resort, located (oddly enough) in Mountain Home, Idaho.  This is a delightful park.  We are on a 90 foot, very level concrete site.

Power is good, water pressure is good.  Interior roads are paved and very wide.   Some sites have trees that provide shade, those are generally shorter sites.  Each site has a picnic table.  Utilities are grouped together mid-site.  We have 2 bars of 4G LTE, but it's not too awful.  They do offer wifi, but I can't comment.  I have no data on laundry or rest rooms.  They do not yet have the swimming pool in.
This RV park is very easy to get to off the freeway.  There is a decent Pilot on the same exit.  There is much retail within a mile of the park.  This is an excellent overnight, and if we find ourselves in Mountain Home again, we would stay here.

Update to post October 4, 2018.

I am less enamored of this park than I was.  We're on site 17 which is really crappy.  It's narrow, and the area where you have to hook up utilities is being impinged upon by shrubbery.  They've planted a lot of trees, which are growing.  We're not getting satellite because of a tall tree that has cut off the signal.  Jim got the loppers out and removed a branch that was touching the bus on the passenger side. There are a lot of trees in the park which are going to be big. 
I don't remember trains from last time we were here, but there they are, blowing their horns.

It's a popular park.  They are expanding, which doesn't happen all that often anymore.  It's aggravating, because there aren't that many good parks in this area.  We don't like Boise and we don't like Twin Falls.  I suppose I would come back, but right now I'm kind of annoyed.
I will say that on this site the tengo wifi is really good.  Jim is watching youtube which makes him happy.


  1. This looke like our type park! Thanks for sharing and finding this new place:)

  2. I need to catch up here. It's been too long and I'm behind on my reading. Looks like all's well with you.