Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More Panorama

We've ridden both halves of Panorama now.  We like parts of it, but parts of it are very rocky.  There was some hike a bike on both halves due to volcanic rock in the trail.  This is a very pleasant part of the trail.

Somebody pelted out something, and then left it along side the trail.  It was sort of creepy.

Today we rode the long loop of the trail.  There is much scenic beauty once you climb up out of the piney forest.

This is the intersection with the shortcut and where Panorama climbs up onto the Twin Knolls part of the trail.   We took the short cut back to the car, we did this climb last time and didn't want to do it again today.

After riding we drove out to the end of Porter Mountain Road to see what we would see.  You see a lot of this.

There are some huge houses out there, with very impressive gates.

Allegedly our new coolant surge tank will be installed tomorrow.  That will leave us free to depart Show Low and move on to Albuquerque to get the engine pre-heat pump installed.  After that, perhaps our repair odyssey will be over.

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