Monday, October 10, 2011

Eureka CA

Currently we're in the Eureka CA KOA. It's not a terrible KOA.
Here is yesterday, this was taken just after we entered California. Lovely day, just lovely.

There is the truck and the house we live in.

If you are traveling down 101 you must stop here. Forget the Trees of Mystery, basically they're big trees. What they do have here is one of the most amazing collections of Native American baskets I have ever seen.

These two are out front, so you can't miss the stop.

Two photos from the museum part of the building. The woman that owns the collection is 90, and has been acquiring all of her life. Recently her friends who also collect have been passing away and leaving her their collections, so it has grown fairly large. It's free and it is absolutely worth stopping for.

We have been shocked, nay stunned, at how many people are bicycle touring south on 101 this time of year. Four people came in last night on bikes, pitched tents and got rained on all night. It was just gruesome. This morning it was still raining when they left. This guy was the first out, smoking a cigarette. I don't get that.

So, it rained all day today, and we spent most of it doing trip planning between here and Pomona. Good thing we did that. It's difficult to get from 101 to I5 in the northern part of the state if you don't want to cross the coast range, which we don't (want to). The other issue is once you get to I5, there are not many RV parks. We were using an RV park rating site to check on parks on one of proposed routes. They were all uniformly dismal. Here's one review of a California KOA. It's surprising, they're not usually great, but they're not usually this abysmal.
  • Small sites, very crowded with extended stay campers. Could have been a good place with the creek and all. The bathrooms were filthy and the office staff was like children and laughed at me when I mentioned the trash. Where is management. Maybe the owner doesn't care. Won't return. Too much drinking and drugs for a KOA. Smelled Marijuana all night long. Dirty everything, even the store. Won't return. Went down the road to a better place.
We kept checking places and getting some really awful reviews. We're going back to the KOA in Petaluma. It's a known quantity and the weather is better than it is here.

Two more squalls went through just now. It's supposed to clear up, but so far that is not happening. Tomorrow we're going to look at giant redwoods. Hopefully we'll get a hike in, I need some exercise in the worst way.
So maties, that is all from here.

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