Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rain on El Tour and the Streets of the Old Pueblo

Today is the Tour de Tucson.  This morning we went out to look for water in the washes and wet riders.  This is the Santa Cruz River - it's usually dry, but today it's running.

The tour route this year goes down the frontage road, which is way better than Silverbell.  In many places they had brand new pavement.  These are the faces of misery.

Check the poncho billowing in the wind.  Almost no one had fenders, and we didn't see any mud flaps.  The spray from the wet roads has to have been atrocious.

Crossing Sabino Creek.  Why this is even part of the route is beyond me.

Tucson road riders, do you recognize this? This is the road you take when you come up the Rillito River Trail, and turn left onto the road so you can get to the trail on the other side of the river.  The road is closed at the moment as the Rillito River crosses it.

Water coming from the east.

This is the best thing we saw today.  We were driving south on Tucson Boulevard, which is one of the streets that doesn't have storm sewers.  This is only 27 seconds long and it's amusing.  There is music, so if you're at work, mute.

If you don't have video bandwidth, here's us being sprayed by a fire truck in transit.

Late this afternoon, it looks like the system may be moving out, which would be good.


  1. That would be some brutal riding! Glad to see some moisture in the desert though.

  2. Those poor riders! Of all the times to have a ride through Tucson.

    We've never seen water in the river. Glad you included the photo.

    Sure was beautiful after the rain:)