Sunday, November 10, 2013

Swimming and Bike Supports

Here is my new exercise regime.  I am doing a fearsome dog paddle.  Notice how the fingers of my right hand are together and curved, making the perfect paw.  It's an unbelievably inefficient way to propel oneself through the water.  I did 7 laps today, and walked back and forth in the 4 foot depth of the pool.

Perfect form, eh?

Last April, we ditched our huge bike rack and bought two of these.  The main advantage over the welded big one is that these fold up.  See the spring at the bottom?  That pushes against the back wheel of the bike when you roll them in.  This rack works beautifully on a concrete floor in a basement.

They don't work so well outside when it's windy, and the bikes are covered with a grill cover which is acting as a giant sail.  The first day we were back, everything went over.  So, we weighted the racks down with cinder blocks, and used bungie cords to push the bikes against the back of the rack.

Then we became concerned with what happens if they go over anyway?  The cinder blocks will not be good for the paint.  That train of thought resulted in buying pipe wrap and padding the edges of the blocks.  Note the mitred corners.

So now we look like this.  Hopefully it will be good enough, because I really don't want to buy and discard a rack every winter season.

Speaking of the foot, here it is this morning.  The scabs are off.  It's better, the frequency of the electrocuting pains is down.  There's still a fair amount of swelling in my toes, the ball of my foot, and the top of my foot.  I'm still not wearing shoes, it's too fat.  It's going to be a longer recovery time that I had hoped for.

Enough clouds have come in to give us a little bit of a sunset tonight.

This is all I have to report, maties.  Hope things are good where ever you are these days.


  1. Swimming should be great for speeding along your recovery. Your foot sure looks much better.

    Gorgeous Arizona sunsets. Must feel good to settle into one place for awhile. I am looking forward to that in a few weeks.

  2. Dog Paddle! That's my style too! It's great that you have that option for exercise where you are staying. Good to hear the pains are subsiding.

    Fingers crossed those new bike racks work in a wind.