Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving Bike Ride

Today was the day.  I put the road shoes on, and we went for a ride on the trail.  It was only 21 miles, but it was good.  We saw a big hawk hanging out by the trail.  Of course, as soon as the camera came out, he took off.  He was a big bird.

We parked at the Christopher Columbus park, so I could get directly on the trail.  I wasn't sure how it would go, and decided to skip the road portion down Mission.  Since I start on my left foot, there were a couple of sharp (paved) climbs out of washes that I walked, but overall it was good. We took a bike path we don't normally ride, that goes way north.  Tucson has added on to it, we ended up very far north, up by Gladden Farms.

It was just a glorious day.

Happy Thanksgiving, maties!


  1. Great to see you out on your bike!! Terrific Thanksgiving gift to yourself:)

  2. That bottom photo looks like Mission heading down to Green Valley. Congratulations on getting back on the bicycle.

  3. Awesome -- glad you finally got back on the bike. Looks like a beautiful day for a ride!