Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First World Problems

This has been a veerrryyyy long and aggravating week.  Oh wait! It's only Tuesday.  Imagine the possibilities for the next 5 days!
We left the house yesterday to take Jim's PC to the virus slayer.  Due to an error in judgement on my part, Jim's PC has been compromised.  A full wipe of hard drive may be necessary.  No, I'm not divulging my error in judgement, it's too embarrassing.
Then we went to physical therapy for the foot. We saw this on the way.  See the dinosaur trying to bite the land shark?  If you look carefully you can see the fin the dinosaur is going for.

After spending some time trying to loosen up my scars so that my toes can move, there was electricity.  All physical therapists seem to enjoy putting electrodes on their patients.  It's a creepy feeling.  I keep waiting to be electrocuted.
After PT, we went grocery shopping.  It was a big shopping with lots of meat and vegetables and frozen stuff.  Upon entering our RV we discovered that the refrigerator was dead.  No lights, no nothing.  Our rudimentary problem solving skills were of no use so we called Ken.  He came out and told us the cooling unit is dying.  It's not unheard of for these to fail, especially in a Norcold.  Here's the bad news.  He reset the cooling unit so it would come back on, but now it's a fire hazard.  Ken told us why, but I couldn't follow the discussion, it has something to do with bad metallurgy. He made a heat shield out of aluminum foil and told us to keep the water pressure up in the hose with the spray nozzle. The new cooling unit will be here in a week and a half, until that time we're at increased risk for burning the RV to the ground.  I think we may go buy a couple of dorm sized refrigerators and turn the current one off.
THEN, this morning, I got on the phone with Century Link to inquire as to why the internet modem that was supposed to arrive yesterday was not here.  They had no record of our order. None!  After hollering for a bit, I was put through to a supervisor, who discovered that the system had cancelled the order 4 days ago with no explanation.  Perfect. One hour and 18 minutes later, they set up a new account, waived all of the activation and shipping fees, and expedited the new order so that hopefully we'll have DSL by this Friday.
Oh, and this morning I locked myself out of my credit union account because I can't correctly type my new, more secure password.  Ack.
So that's what we've been doing here.  I'm really hoping the rest of the week will be tranquil.

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  1. I am so sorry the week is starting out so crappy! Take care of the refrig, that is probably the no. 1 item that causes fires in RV's :P That might be one reason (among many) that lots of folks are going to residential fridges so no propane to get in the way... Hope the foot is doing better, I like electricity, at least on my back (sorta), it's an interesting process. I'll give you a call to commiserate!