Friday, November 22, 2013

Rain in the Old Pueblo

It's raining.  Actually as I type this, it's pouring.  It's not supposed to do this in November, especially on the weekend that is the Tour de Tucson.  It's just going to suck for the riders, all that oil on the roads will be lifting with the rain and it's going to be dangerous.

Currently there's about 6 inches of standing water at our end of the park. We're the low end.

The gray tank is full, so Jim has had to go out in the rain to dump it.
My job today will be to call Century Link to inform them that they have sent two wireless modems, when only one was requested.  I will bet you dollars to donuts that if I send the extra one back, they'll cut off my service.
Jim got his pc back from the virus slayer, it's running much better than it was.  His job will be to re-establish access to online banking. Our credit union can be difficult to deal with.  They say they're just being diligent, sometimes I think they're just being a pain in the butt.
In other news, I can wear shoes now, but I'm still walking like I have peg leg.  I land on my heel but do not roll forward to the ball of my foot.  It's aggravating my heel and my left hip.  There is a knot in my left arch which is painful as well.   The key learning here is that we don't heal as well in our 60's as we did in our 50's. 
This is all I have to report, maties.  Things are a little slow in the Old Pueblo.

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  1. Sorry to hear it is raining in Tucson. They don't handle it well without storm drains.