Friday, November 15, 2013

Unresolved Front End Badness AND a Tire Cover Installation Tip

You no doubt remember all of the bitching and moaning I did about the roads in California.  Well, after the transit our previously perfectly aligned RV returned to Tucson with vibration in the steering column and more noise on bumpy roads.  Yesterday we took it into Arizona Spring to check out the front end.  We like them.  When we had the 5th wheel that ate tires they fixed our bent and non parallel axles.  Anyhoo, AZ Spring could find no damage, said we appeared to be in alignment, and suggested we have the wheels balanced.
We went here, to GCR Tire Center.  They're doing excellent brand management.  We pulled up and someone was out the door greeting us.  So they balanced and added a 10 ounce weight to the right front tire.  That helped, but we still have vibration in the steering column on bumpy roads (which would be just about every road in the US).  I guess our next step will be to replace the shocks.  It can't hurt, it might help.

Now I have a life improvement tip for you.  When we were in Missoula, we were next to a delightful ex-Forest Service pilot, who showed us what he had built.  When one owns a Class A, getting the wheel covers on the back tires can be a pain in the patootie because you must wiggle a cord between the two back tires and then through another grommet and then pull it back all the way around.  If this makes no sense to you, never mind because we will never do this again.
Here is the improvement.  It's a dowel, with duct tape wrapped around one end, and a removable clip on the other end.

Remove the clip, run the dowel through the back grommet.  Thread the dowel between the two back tires, toward the front of the bus.  The duct tape on the end stops the dowel from going all the way through the grommet.

Then run the dowel through the other tire cover grommet and place the clip on the stick.  This is so simple I can't believe it.  So now our tire covers are secured to the bus, and life is better. 

The foot continues to improve at a glacial rate.  I drove a bunch yesterday, following the bus around Tucson and by the end of the day it was pretty swollen from being down so much.  I was forced to lie on the couch and have Jim bring me things for a few hours.
The weather heads are predicting gusts between 40 and 50 mph today. I think that may curtail outside activity.  It's half past 10 and the breeze is filling in.  So that's what's happening in the Old Pueblo.

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