Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back in Tucson

We're back.  Jim has the tire covers on the RV, the rope lights are deployed and the mountain bikes are out of the pickup truck.  It's not as warm as it has been in past years, but it's supposed to climb back in to the 80's soon.

I'm four weeks out from surgery.  The sharp stabbing pains appear to be winding down.  They're phantom limb pain, from the removal of two nerves.  I can't comprehend how bad it would be losing a limb. The stabbing pains have made me yell out loud (scaring Jim to death on the freeways).   I'm glad that part of the process is winding down.  My foot is fairly swollen and it's still painful.  I'm still not better off than before surgery, which is my standard for a successful procedure.
Once it warms up a little, we're going to go down to the pool and dog paddle vigorously to get some cardio.  I might do water aerobics with the ladies, Jim just gives me a bug look when I suggest that he join me.


  1. Hurray for Tucson!! I love it there. Hope you are able to ride your bike soon!!

  2. I want to see the bug look :) water aerobics are good, I would love to have a pool that I could lap swim in, that is a favorite exercise. glad you are back in Tucson, you need to install & use Skype so that we can chat ;) love to see your smiling face!

  3. Ah, 80s sound great. Hope the pool is lovely and that your foot continues to heal. The nerve pain sounds icky. Where do you stay when in Tucson?

  4. I just checked the weather here, highs in the 30's all week. Water aerobics sounds divine in comparison!