Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First World Problems Being Resolved, Slowly

There was goodness today, after a poor start to the day.  I had lunch at La Botana Fresco Grill and Cantina with my friend Marcy. We sat outside and had fish tacos that were really good.  I'm looking forward to going back there.  Since Rubios took carnitas off the menu, there's really no reason to eat there anymore, so this is an excellent discovery.

This is Marcy's billboard.  She's my age, and this summer had both hips replaced.  She has recovered so well that TMC is featuring her in their new ad campaign.  That's her horse Mex, who she can now ride.  She can also swim, lift weights and bicycle.  Pretty cool, eh?

We've decided to turn off the refrigerator.  Having the RV burn to the ground would be beyond inconvenient.  So, we now have 4.4 cubic feet of tiny refrigerator with an even smaller freezer compartment.  Tomorrow we're filling the chest with ice in an attempt to save the french fries and the ice cream.

Just after I left for lunch, a Century Link tech came by and activated our DSL service.  Then the modem showed up via UPS around 4:00. I think someone else's modem was diverted to us because the phone number on the activation letter did not match the phone number they gave me this morning.  So now we have 40 meg/sec of blazing internet access.  Tomorrow I will cut back our Verzizon data plan and suspend the Jetpack.  The 78 minutes of my life that I squandered on the phone this morning yielded good results.  This year I was able to hook up the modem and initiate service without having to call help desk.
So there you have it -- part two of the day.

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