Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Truck Detailing and Local News

Jim arose with the dawn this morning to take the truck in to Watson Chevrolet for detailing.  They washed, clayed and waxed it.  The clay is amazing stuff, it picks up all of the little specks that washing doesn't get, leaving the paint surface as smooth as a baby's butt.
This is the rental we had today.  It's a low end Beetle, but it's fun to drive.  It's a zippy little car.  Being that low to the ground after the pickup is somewhat unnerving.

When Jim left this morning, there was a huge police action at the Silverbell Inn.  After he returned from dropping off the truck, we left in the car and the road was totally closed.  We surmise that something really awful happened, as the road was closed for hours.  When we came home late this afternoon the police were gone, but Bud Foster was out filming a news segment.  We're now suffering through the KOLD talking news heads to see if they'll tell us what the heck happened there.
News flash:  Jim discovered via the internet that the whole thing was due to a suspicious package left in front of the hotel. 

Were you aware that the Rincon Market suffered a devastating fire in early July of this year?  We were not.  Today we learned that repairs and renovations have not yet started.  Apparently there have been issues with obtaining approvals from the owner of the building.  On a happy note, the business insurance policy is paying the salaries of the 60 people who lost their jobs due to the fire.  The business owner does not expect to re-open until mid-2014.  This is such a bummer, I love their salad bar.  Many a Sunday breakfast ride has had the Rincon Market as its destination.

I put a shoe on my left foot this morning.  It's a little tight, and my sock is leaving imprints in my fat little piggy toes, but I was able to lace it and briefly walk in it.  I'm going to call this progress.

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