Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sommerville, CA to KOA - Yermo, CA

Today's route was one of woe and aggravation.  I5 between Coalinga and the cutoff to CA58 is just beyond bad.  Every bridge deck is below the grade of the road. I think that stretch of highway alone is enough to make us swear off this routing.
After Barstow we headed out CA58 toward Tehachapi Mountains.  It goes from being really unattractive scrub desert to a better looking part of the state.

There is a significant grade up east bound.  Going down the other side it was a gradual descent.  It's really pretty out there.  Unfortunately this was also another section of terrible road surface; again enough to make us swear off this route back to Tucson.

Look at the lower right hand corner.  Look how serpentine the train is.

There was a lot of train traffic.  There were two trains waiting to go in the other direction.

Here we are, in Tehachapi.   There are a ton of wind turbines.

We're at the Barstow Calico KOA, which is actually in Yermo.  We'll have to backtrack to get on 40 to head to Needles in the morning.  It's not a terrible KOA.  The surface of the park is 5/8 inch rock.  Sites are level, no HWH required.  Satellite and the Verizon Jet Pack are working well.  The utilities are where they ought be.  We have a picnic table, as well.  Jim rates the laundry room as squeaky clean and very nice.  There are oleanders between some of the sites, but there's no real separation between RVs.  There is some freeway noise, but it's not obnoxious. It's a good park for an overnight on a transit. We were able to pull through and leave the truck hooked to the RV.

With the exception of the Tehachapi Mountains, this is an unlovely drive.  The first part of the day was through agricultural land, complete with blowing dust since it was windy.  After that it becomes unattractive desert. 
Tomorrow we're staying in Quartzsite, and after that we will be in Tucson.  Yay!

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