Saturday, November 2, 2013

Orland, CA to Sommerville RV Park - Coalinga, CA

Today was an uneventful drive down I5.  I would mention that the road surface in the Stockton area appears to have been carpet bombed, but other than that the roads were not too terrible.
We're at the Sommerville RV Park.  This is a good one night stop when you're doing a transit.  The man who runs it is very nice, he and the dog lead you out to your site and park you.  All sites are pull throughs.  We're on 67 which is very level, no HWH required.  Satellite and the Verizon Jet Pack are working well.  They offer Tengo WiFi, but we didn't bother with it.  Interior roads are paved and sites are packed dirt/gravel, with grass in between the sites. There used to be a lot of trees, but after one fell down in the wind, most of them were taken out. It's an easy park to get to, and to get in and out of.

If you're here in the spring, the trees surrounding the park are in bloom.  We're pretty sure they're almond trees.  The scent is over powering.  Actually the scent is from the orange groves across the street from the park.

Jim is so happy to be in warm weather again.

Tomorrow we're off to Barstow.  Do we know the good areas or what?

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  1. Gee, shorts! We're hoping to hit some of that warmth soon. Riding with the heat on today