Friday, May 17, 2013

The Buttermilks

Yesterday I felt really awful, and basically did nothing the entire day.  Today was better, so I drove out to Buttermilk Country.  It's an area of large boulders that used to be the home of many dairy farms.  The farms are gone due to the loss of water used to grow feed for the livestock.  Los Angeles now owns thousands of acres out there.  Speaking of LA, I read in the Mono Lake magazine (another lake destroyed by LA) that the city is now suing the Mammoth Lakes area stating that they have a "historical right" to all of Mammoth's surface water.  There's a lot of money in Mammoth, so hopefully they'll be able to fight this lawsuit off.  LA is just rapacious.
I got to the start of the four mile dirt road into the Buttermilks and chickened out.  Having no idea what would be up there, and if I would be able to turn around or whatever, I parked and went for a very long walk.  Today I printed out my new Good Sam Roadside assistance card, so tomorrow I will drive the road knowing that there is someone I can call should rescue become necessary. Apparently there are some striking boulder formations and people free climbing on them.  It will be something to while away some time.  This is one view out into the distance.

I would really like to know the story behind this.

May (Jim's Mom) has declined somewhat since yesterday, but she is not happy that it's taking this long.  She wants her doctor to do something, but she's in the care of hospice now; and they have a fairly rigorous protocol of what they can and can not do.  Several people have been by to see her today and yesterday, so that has been good. 

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  1. Only the blessed ones can even hope to die in their sleep. My mother was found in bed with her reading glasses on, and a paperback cowboy book in her hands. Thanks for sharing May's last story with us.