Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bishop to Bordertown Casino RV Park

Today's drive was Bishop to Bordertown, NV.  First, a route report.  When you leave Bishop, you will immediately climb 3,000 feet up to 7,000 feet.  Then the route will be up, down, up down.  Long steep grades.  Long twisty grades.  At one point I was making Jim crazy suggesting more application of braking.  But really, there were parts where it felt like we were hurtling to our deaths.  I think it's worse for the passenger.  It settles down by the time you reach Reno.  It's not a section of road where you will be making good time.
There is accessible diesel in Bridgeport at the Shell station, the pump island is off to the left.  There's not a truck plaza until you reach Bordertown, NV and it's sort of pitiful.

We stopped for lunch at the Gardnerville Walmart; it is very RV unfriendly.  Too many islands with plants.  I don't think we would go back in that parking lot.
We're at the Bordertown Casino RV park.  The interior roads are very narrow.  To get to our site we had to drive the perimeter of the park, and pass by a permanent resident whose car trailer sticks out into the road.  Between that and the decorative boulders, it's a tight squeeze.  The turn into the road to our site was very tight.  It's doubtful that we will return here.  It's doable, but nerve wracking.  Park internet is decent so that's a positive.  The sites are paved and fairly level.  A 45 foot Class A would have a hard time negotiating the turns with a toad. If you're in a shorter RV, this would be a good park in which to stay.

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