Friday, May 24, 2013

Susanville Ranch Park

We went for almost a two hour walk in the Susanville Ranch Park.  It's a jewel of a park in the city; there are 1,100 acres and 22 miles of trails which are open to hiking and biking.  Many of the trails get fairly steep at the top of the hill, but it's very nice.
This is the start of the trail, on the bridge over the little stream.

There are still a fair number of flowers out.

This was spotted on a steep part of the trail.  I wonder if someone had to get off and walk here.

Most of the trail looks like this.  It's not really narrow, not really rocky.  It would be pleasant riding.  I would not mind coming back here for a few days of riding.  I think there would be some walking on my part, but hey, that's why we have feet!

There is also the Bizz Johnson Rails to Trail path.  It's pretty flat, but if you just want some no stress time on a bike, it's worth doing as well.

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