Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum

It rained this morning!  After five months in Tucson, I feel that sunny weather is my birthright and that no rain should fall in my vicinity.  We were able to put the slides out this morning, so that was very good.  We removed grit and dust from the inside of the RV, did laundry and tidied up.  After lunch we went to the Film Museum in Lone Pine.  The museum is dedicated to movies filmed out in the Alabama Hills.  There were many of them.
They have a lot of stuff.  There is much memorabilia, posters and etc.  Most of the movies, however, are a generation removed from what I am familiar with.  I remember the name, Randolph Scott, but haven't seen his westerns.  I think there's going to be a generational issue for the museum, kids now don't know from B Westerns.

Nudie Cohn had a huge impact on how country western singers dressed.  He was born in Kiev and was sent to live in the US at the age of 11 to escape the pogroms in Russia.  He had quite the career dressing singers and actors and popularized gaudy stage costumes.

He also enjoyed customizing cars.  This is one of his.


Other films done in the hills were Star Trek Generations and one of my favorite movies, Tremors.  Tremors is about graboids living under the ground and terrorizing a small town.  It's hysterical.  These are a couple of the monsters from the film.

After the museum, we had time to kill so we went out and looked at the Alabama Hills again.  It's a striking area.

We thought the museum was moderately interesting, but as I said, most of the movies produced out there are pretty old.  It's $5 to get in, and it's good for an hour or so.

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