Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Fly in the Ointment

We're in Bishop at the Highlands RV Park.  It's warm here and there was no wind to speak of.  Lone Pine is windy in the spring.  Maybe today was an aberration, time will tell.  
Today was an extremely aggravating day.  This is the clock on our built in convection microwave oven.  Do you see the bug on the left side, under the glass?  How does this happen? 

Then, while Jim was putting the grill away in the under coach storage, he noticed mouse poop on the pull out tray.  They're teeny tiny little poops from teeny tiny little mice.  We went out and bought sticky traps this afternoon which he has deployed.  Tomorrow morning, we're going to have to take everything out and look for nests, and babies, and more poop.  We don't see any signs of them being in the RV, so that's good.  I guess we're going to start a program of always having traps in the basement. 
So, there will be no pictures of hiking or beautiful scenery tomorrow, there will be rodent removal.


  1. Get some Fresh Cab. It keeps mice away. We use it all the time. Farmers use it to keep mice out of their barns and tractors too.

  2. That is very strange how that bug got into the clock!

    Not a fan of mice!! Hope we don't find any droppings. Good luck with you cleaning!

  3. Fingers crossed you get em before they get inside the house!